“Bless you beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ all around the world. Greetings from the father in Heaven who lives forever and ever. May His Name alone be praise. Sometimes God communicate to our Spirit before talking to us physically.And those of us that has the understanding to the Spirit of God knows what God is talking about. Serving the Lord is not about our feelings, not on how we feel, or how things are going around us, but it is about doing what pleases the Lord. If we all think about how we feel in every situations,then we cannot do what pleases the Lord, we are only working for our own interest and not the interest of Christ.

There are many who had perverted they Way of Christ because of there human fleshly feelings which is inspired and motivated by the spirit of Satan. Some feel they should serve the Living God in the way they saw others doing it. Either its right way or wrong, they dont bother to find out but they join the company of the disobedient and rebels to serve the Living God.  Many have compromise,corrupt, intersect light with darkness and indulge in sensual indulgence because of the Satan inspired flesh feelings.This is a serious matter to the body of Christ, it has cause alot of evil agitation in the church of God.

If we keep on serving the Lord base on our feelings, then we are doing what pleases us. Because Satan control our feelings most of the time in order to make us do what is suit and ease for him, not what we go against him or destroy his plans and ways in our life. Then we will pray to God as our feeling decided for us. We will go and serve God where is comforted to our feelings.

In a long run before we fully understand our surroundings, we are already been long under Satan manipulated demonic control, because we serve our God base on our fleshly feelings but not on the Spirit of God which is the Word of God.

That is why some belivers in Christ find it unease for them to be around other poeple who are not like themself or even associate with less, poor and sick people. There feelings which is control by the spirit of deceit tells them to abstain from unclean people so that they will not be stain. But they forgot that the word of God says, “Be willing to associate with less and poor people” “dont be arrogant and conceited”.

Brethren So many things to say about this, if we are to keep writing, it would take many pages to finish this topic. But I pray that may God in heaven takes away the decision we make that base on our feelings and may his Spirit empowers us to obey the word of God as it is been writing without amending or adjusting it to suit our fleshly feelings. May the Lord Almighty have great mercy on us and show us the right path to the heart of God.


Peace be with you and me always. Bless you!!!

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour,

Pastor Kollins Arthur