Bless you Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus, it is great honour for me to share with you the knowledge of the Holy God. Today we are going to talk about Action and Reaction. The word of God said who can enter the kingdom of God? They are those who obey the word of God and believe in Christ, they are the one who can enter the kingdom of God says the Lord.

Some of us, we are closer to our breakthrough, we are closer to our success.  we may not have discovered it yet, but the point is that we are getting closer to our glory, and the Lord sees it. It is time for us to enjoy the blessing that God has given to us now and not to look down on our little beginning... all that the Lord want from us is to Acknowledge him, and that is the action the Lord require from me and you.

In the old testament, God does everything for the people, God did not require them to pray but to make sacrifice and burn incenses. because the people of olden days have no faith and don’t pray. But when Jesus came, He abolish the old traditional ways of seeking God, and He said we should pray, and He himself taught us how to pray and seek God’s face.

In the new testament, Jesus gave us the power to drive out demons in his name and He promise us that whatever we bound on earth, shall also be bound in heaven. This is all about action, when we pray, God send his reaction towards our prayers. He moves in powerful ways on behalf of those who pray fervently and do not giving up.

God is waiting for me and you our action which is our prayers and acknowledgement of God’s mercy and grace and love upon us., so that he can send his reaction in response to our prayer.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, I urge you today to start to pray and don’t wait for manner to come from heaven.

May the mercies and grace of God be with you always. God bless you.


Pastor Kollins Arthur