The scientist have never been able to made a research on how to return rain that fall from the sky back to the cloud or the snow that fall, back to where it come from.

Human technology could not find a way to do these and neither do the scientist were able to come out with some ideas on how to return both rain and snow back to their former base.

All these makes us to belief that there is a God who is above other gods that we know on these earth and who is in control of the whole universe.

For He created all these things and made them available for us at each seasons and periods for our growth and development.

He is a God who is able to do more than what our human mind could ever imagine or comprehends. He is a mighty warrior and an extra-ordinary strategist.

Give God your heart, your life, your mind and your soul today; so that He may grant you wisdom that surpasses all human understanding.

And your life would be a life of meaning.

Remain Bless!!!