Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord, It is a great privileged to share  the message the good Lord has prepare for us today with you. In which the Lord entitled  “GOD HAS CALLED YOU .”

Brethren, God has called all of us for the work of his service. Because Jesus said “the works are many but the Labourers are few”… In every aspect of his kingdom, there is a work for everyone who is willing and ready.

But the matter is, not everyone is willing and ready to follow the Lord faithfully and do his work with integrity of heart. Some has many reasons why they are not ready to follow the Lord, either because they are pursuing life desires or they are waiting for their feelings to move them.

God called us that we may have relationship with him as father and son. He called us that we may be of great instrument in his kingdom and useful for the work of his services. He did this because he loves us and want us to be with him where he is.

But not everyone have this knowledge about God, they think the work of God is heavy and burdening some. They draw their heart and mind away from the Lord and follow the desires of this world. They follow their own desire not the desire of God.

Bible says “heaven and earth will surely pass away, but only the word of God would remain.” Everything we run after will surely slipped away from our hands either we like it or not, but only those who give themselves diligently to the work of God would remain with God.

I encourage you today to look and think beyond this life, because there is another life with God in heaven which is eternal life. May your heart and mind be open to the life with God. Peace be with you always.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kolins Arthur